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Letter to FBC

If Jesus were to send a letter to FBC in the style of the letters to the seven churches in Revelation 2 and 3, what do you think he would say?

Remember, the letters all follow the same pattern. They begin with a reminder of some aspect of the description of Jesus in chapter 1. They continue by congratulating the church on what has been going well (only in Laodicea is there nothing to praise), and then warning about what has been going badly (only in Smyrna and Philadelphia is there no fault to be found). The letters then end with a solemn warning and promise: the spirit is speaking to the churches, calling Christians to ‘conquer’, and promising them some aspect of the glorious future which God has in store for them.

Remember also that there is more praise for Ephesus and Thyatira which are rebuked than for Smyrna and Philadelphia which are not.

What is Jesus saying to us?

For one response see What Would Jesus Say?

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  1. I tried this. I didn’t like what was written on the page in front of me. Think I’ll burn it and call it therapy!

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