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Part Of The Team

People know me as the ‘Minister of Faversham Baptist Church’ but I’m not.

‘Oh yes you are!’ I hear you shout.

Oh no, I’m not!

The truth is that YOU are the ministers of FBC. I am here to support, encourage and help you in your ministry. Ministry means serving one another in the name of Jesus. There are many good things you can be involved in that aren’t going to be worth anything five years from now. Developing your ministry, following Jesus’ example – both in your daily work and in the church community – will have an eternal impact.

In John 5:30 Jesus says, “I seek not to please myself but him who sent me.” When he was only 12 years old Jesus said, “I must be about my father’s business” (Luke 2:29). Some of his last words recorded in the Gospels were, “I have completed the work you gave me to do” (John 17:4). Rick Warren points out that these are ‘bookends on a successful life. At 12 Jesus knew his purpose in life, and near the end of life, he says that purpose has been completed. Jesus’ sole motivation for ministry was to serve God.

With our Church AGM coming up, there are many areas of ministry within the church with the word ‘Vacant’ next to them. These are not jobs to be done, or something I need help with. These are ministry opportunities for you! A love for the Lord Jesus and a desire to serve him are all that are needed. The only ability God requires is availability.

When Jesus says he had completed all the work God had given him, had he healed everyone, had everyone become a Christian, had everyone even heard the Good News? Of course not. And God doesn’t expect you to do everything, but he has given you just enough time to do all that he wants you to do. Jesus called 12 others to partner in ministry with him. Now he is calling all of us to join his team.

Geoff Cook

Geoff is a follower of Jesus, husband, father and Minister of Faversham Baptist Church. He is a Chelsea supporter, enjoys music and would love to live in a lighthouse. Meet the Minister

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