The Lifeboat Station

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The Lifeboat Station

On a dangerous seacoast where shipwrecks often occur there was once a simple little lifeboat station. It was just a hut, with one boat. The crew members were very brave, and at great risk, often put out to sea to save lives. People who were rescued, and others of goodwill, began to help. Money was donated. Many others joined and an organisation was formed. A bigger boat was built.

Some of the new members felt that the station deserved a better building. A nice big one was built, well furnished and decorated. It became a kind of club. Photographs of lifeboats and rescue operations were hung on all the walls. As time went on it became harder to get members to go out to sea on difficult missions, so the members hired a lifeboat crew. The club became a hive of activity.

One night a large ship was wrecked. The lifeboat crew managed to rescue many people. They brought them back to the new building. They were wet and sick, and not at all like the club members. At the next meeting a decision was taken to build a shower room outside where shipwrecked victims could be cleaned before coming in. Some proposed that lifesaving activities should be suspended as they were playing havoc with the other important club activities. A small group insisted that lifesaving was what it was all about. They were voted down.

If you visit that seacoast today you will see a number of exclusive clubs along the shore. Shipwrecks are still frequent, but unfortunately most of the people drown.

Geoff Cook

Geoff is a follower of Jesus, husband, father and Minister of Faversham Baptist Church. He is a Chelsea supporter, enjoys music and would love to live in a lighthouse. Meet the Minister

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