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FBC Acrostic Psalm

Last Sunday we were exploring Psalm 145 – an acrostic psalm. That’s the kind where each line of the psalm starts with the letters of the alphabet from A to Z.

After the service, John went away to come up with his own Psalm using the letters of the name of the church. We are very impressed! After you’ve read it, why don’t you have a go? Here it is:

Forever and ever I will exalt the Lord.
All the saints will join with me;
Voices raised in praise to our God.
Every creature will shout for joy,
Raising their voices in unison,
Saying, “our God is great!”
Heavenly hosts will sing their song,
All extolling the wonders of the Heavenly King.
May all who love the Lord praise His holy Name!

Before we were born, we were destined for this:
Adoring our God and worshipping His Name forever!
Praises will flow from our hearts for all eternity –
Towards our God who sits upon His throne.
Is there anyone to compare with our Lord?
Surely he alone is God.
Truly He is awesome and powerful!

Caught in the wonder of His love and grace,
Here I stand in humility and awe.
Unending praise will ascend on high,
Resounding across the heavens and the earth.
Clap your hands and sing for joy all you saints.



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