FBC Community

Faversham Baptist Church (or FBC for short) is a friendly family church close to the centre of the historic market town of Faversham in the south east of England.

It is made up of people of all ages with a common a commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord, and a desire to worship him together. Many come to explore their own faith, work out their meaning and purpose in life, or just because they are curious about life, the universe and everything!

All kinds of people are part of the church community – individuals and families; children, the young and the older; long-term residents of the town and newcomers to the area. There are people who have attended church all their lives and those who have only more recently got involved. Although a varied bunch in many ways, we have in common a commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord, and a desire to worship him together.

On Sunday mornings, we have a fairly informal and varied style of worship, using both traditional hymns and contemporary songs. We try to make sure that everyone is welcome and can join in as much as they wish without feeling uncomfortable. Everyone is important! We also have a very varied programme of activities during the week, and our church centre, The Meeting Place, is used by hundreds of people from the community of Faversham every week.

Our aim is to encourage one another in living out our Christian faith according to the teaching of the Bible, and to demonstrate the love of God in our community. We believe that God made us, and that he loves and cares for us all. We have found that he brings hope and peace to troubled lives, and that he guides and directs us if we ask. We really do believe that he is interested in you, and so we warmly invite you to join us or visit us at Faversham Baptist Church soon!