Ministry Team

FBC is fortunate to have a wonderful team of Church Officers (Secretary and Treasurer) and Deacons who, along with the Minister, lead the church.


Geoff Cook
Geoff has lived in Faversham since 1998 and is married with three daughters. He a lifelong Chelsea fan, and enjoys music of all kinds, watching sport, walking, painting, genealogy, reading, camping and much else. You can find out more about him in Meet the Minister.
Kate Martin
Kate grew up in a Baptist church in Leeds, West Yorkshire, and found her way to Faversham via a series of adventures. She gets through life being responsible for things: church finances, our busy toddlers groups and a family of her own which is rapidly becoming a collection of adults. When up against it, Kate usually chooses to bake her way out of trouble.

Stephen Palmer
Stephen came to a faith in Christ in 1973 and since then has served as a Deacon both in Canterbury Baptist Church and in Faversham. He has visited Churches in Tanzania, Uganda and India and is a founding Trustee of Khushi Feet. Outside of his life in the Church he works for Faversham Foodbank and his hobbies are kite flying, bird watching and photography - but not all at the same time.
Chris Harries
Deacon and Worship Leader
Chris, from Herne Bay, has lived in Faversham for over 25 years and is married with a daughter and a son. He works as a Careers Adviser. He has been a Deacon at FBC for over 10 years and plays guitar and sings in the church worship group. Chris’ Christian journey has been slow and considered - just like his personality! In his spare time, Chris loves listening to all sorts of music, but is particularly keen on Progressive Rock. A particular favourite band is ‘Yes’.

Alastair Gould
Deacon and Children's Ministry
Luke Revell
Deacon and Young Adults Ministry
Luke is a Mathematics teacher in a local secondary school, sharing his love of numbers with inquisitive minds. He found Jesus as a student in 2011 and now hides at the back of church ensuring the projector keeps working, as well as helping with the charity Khushi Feet. Luke enjoys reading, particularly Terry Pratchett, and playing board games.

Dominic Man
Deacon and Pastoral Care Team
Dominic, born and brought up in Hong Kong, was baptised in 1962 but lost his faith a few years later. While studying at Reading University in 1974/75, God found him again through a retired couple who had been missionaries in China. He is married with a daughter and has two grandchildren. Becoming a member, and later a friend, of the Chinese Church in London did not prevent God from leading him and his wife to Faversham Baptist Church through experiences with Baptist churches in Balham, Barnsley and Whitstable. In the last couple of years, he has been involved in student outreach ministry with the Canterbury Chinese Christian Fellowship. Since retirement in October 2015 and having been blessed with a sabbatical year in 2016/17, he intends to share his time among serving God as a Deacon at FBC, helping with student Bible study at the CCCF, volunteering for Faversham Foodbank, babysitting grandchildren and attempting to turn his garden into less of a jungle.